Friday, March 16, 2012

Mercy River...I LOVE their Music!

In February, I went to Time Out For Women with Ryan's mom and sisters. It was seriously so wonderful! I loved every second of it. The group Mercy River was the music group on Saturday and I fell in love with them! Here is a video they have off their new CD "Higher". It is so amazing how music can touch our hearts. This cd has blessed my life. One of my favorite songs on it is called "Beautiful For Me." The first time I heard it, it made me cry and I was overwhelmed with the feeling of how I can help my 2 sweet daughters believe that they are beautiful. I listen to this CD so much that Whitney has now started to sing the songs! I will hear her playing by herself singing, "Has anyone told you you're beautiful? You might believe if you could see what I do!" It is the most precious thing ever! In those moments I wish I could just freeze time! Anyways, check this cd out if you haven't before. These 3 beautiful women and mom's truly have been inspired in creating this work of art!

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